Friday, July 26, 2013

DIY Heart Blouse Mod ♡

Hello darlings~

I have another quick and easy DIY for you guys! This one is SUPER easy (seriously it is).

Weeeee~ I hit my face with my necklace lololol don't jump with a long chain guys

Lets get started~!!
 Heres what you need:

 A blouse of your choice!
Pencil or Chalk for marking
Needle and thread
Straight pins
Fabric of your choice (I used pleather because I liked the texture of it on chiffon)
Felt  & Tacky Glue (Optional)

Step 1: Remove Pockets (if there are any on your blouse)

I'm using this blouse I found for $5 at Garage. I really didn't like the pockets (as I mentioned in my haul post) so I went ahead and took them off with my seam ripper.

The seam ripper is really handy but if you don't have one you can use a craft knife or a pocket knife but be careful!

Step 2:  Cut Hearts Out Of Your Fabric

I cut my hearts out beforehand but basically take the fabric of your choice (pleather is my favourite because I don't have to deal with fraying) and draw a heart (or whatever shape you prefer) on the wrong side of the fabric with a pencil or chalk.

You will need 2 hearts (one to cover each boob LOL).
I cut one out first and placed it on the shirt to make sure it was the right size I wanted.
Once I was happy with the 1st heart, I went ahead and traced it on the fabric for the 2nd heart.

Once you both hearts cut out, place them on your blouse to make sure you're happy with the size!

Step 3: Cut Out and Glue Felt Hearts (OPTIONAL)

This step is completely optional, I added felt because the chiffon was pretty thin and I wanted a bit of OOMPH on the hearts.
 The felt added an extra layer so the hearts stuck out a little more and added dimension. 

You can skip this part if you don't want to add felt.

 Glue the felt onto your fabric with tacky glue or any glue of your choice. I prefer tacky glue because it isn't as watery as Mod Podge. 
I find that Mod Podge shows up on my fabric and leaves a a really bad stain on thinner fabrics. If you are using thicker fabric like pleather  I would recommend Mod Podge then.

I trimmed the felt so that it was smaller than the pleather heart, that way none of the felt would show.

Once you've glue the felt to the pleather, pin the hearts in place BEFORE you sew anything!
Because I'm using pleather, I made sure the straight pins only went through the chiffon and felt.
 Because if a straight pin were to go through the pleather and I removed it, a little hole will show up on the pleather. 

After you've pinned the hearts on both sides of your blouse, try your blouse on to make sure they're at the right level and matched up.
 Of course you can have it at different levels if you want something cool and funky. 
I had mine lined up above my boobs.

When everything is pinned in the perfect spot, take your needle and thread (same colour as your blouse) and stitch around the heart. Make sure your needle is only going through the felt and blouse.

I went ahead and stitched an X in the middle of the heart to keep it in place but you don't necessarily have to do this.

Yaaaay! They're finally in place!

Step 4: Sew Around The Heart

Using the same colour thread as the pleather (or fabric of your choice), stitch around the outer edges of the heart. 
I opted to use the sewing machine for nice tight stitches but you can go ahead and hand stitch this! 
Any stitch you prefer: straight, zig-zag, or cross! 
I went ahead and used a straight stitch all around and added some zig-zag stitches around the top of the hearts. It's barely visible in this photo but it looks pretty funky!

If you want a really cool look you can also use a neon colour thread so that it adds a pop of colour!

Hope you enjoyed this easy DIY! 

Check out my OOTD #2 to see me in this blouse!

Stay Crafty~!


Livy ♡

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