Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mini Goodwill Haul

Hola lovelies~

Heres a little mini haul from my local Goodwill store!
I bought these items to DIY or modify hehe (ω)ノ~
On Thursdays Goodwill has a promo for clothing and accessories, buy 2 or more save 15% and so forth. If you purchase 6 or more items you get 50% off each item! Sadly I didn't see a lot of good thrift finds :C

My thrifty finds:

This is a size 4 chiffon blazer with (DUN DUN DUUUN) shoulder pads!
What do you guys think about shoulder pads?
They're alright for a bit of oomph but doesn't suit me that well.
The buttons on the shirt are quite cute hehe~
$8 + 15% off

I found this Banana Republic dress in size small for $6 (+15% off). 
Not my style but I plan to modify it for sure for sure!

My third find is this crochet knit from Dynamite for $6 plus 15% off. Theres a little rip on the top left shoulder but I purchased these white appliqués earlier this month so definitely watch out for a DIY on this!

and last but least my FAVOURITE find!  

 I found this little clutch looking box for only $3.03!!!
The pretty velvet texture and gold trim caught my eyes ()ノ~
 Inside the box appears to be a ring holder and little detachable velvet pouches (1 is missing).
It's safe to assume now that this was probably a jewellery box?

Anyways I removed the silly little trays and voila it's now a clutch! All it needs is a little TLC and some new fabric lining!

Stay tuned to see how these items turn out in my DIYS!

Stay crafty!



PS. I found this lovely store in Kensington that had these adorable charms and tons of knick knacks!
I've been obsessed with the Evil Eye symbol for quite a while but I haven't gotten around to purchasing any until now! I bought the charm and put it on an old chain I had. Would you guys like to see a post on this later? 

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