Monday, July 22, 2013

Shopping on a Budget 101 + Another Mini Haul!

Hello my lovelies!

As you guys know, I am a VERY VERY VERY poor little UNEMPLOYED art (design actually) student that relies on her parents for money. I've been called spoiled because I have a credit card that gets taken cared of but keep in mind that all the money I spend is NOT my hard earned cash!

I always take this into consideration when I go shopping so I've earned myself some pretty good shopping habits! When it comes to clothes I ONLY purchase clothing under $20 and/or wait till it goes on sale!

Trust me, shopping on a budget is REALLY easy. And when I say really easy I mean it! There are TONS of thrift stores around, and lots of sales throughout the year.

Before you go shopping, check the newspapers or flyers for any sales! Check online for any sales and/or compare prices on items that you've had your eye on for a while BUT if it's not on sale WAIT for it!

When you go to the mall always keep an eye out for sales! I went out today and I found 5 items and I spent a total of $24.97 (without tax) on 5 ITEMS! Come on guys, thats a pretty damn good deal for NEW items that haven't been worn!

And when I say SALE its not buy 2 get 1 free.
Heres what my definition of SALE is: 50% or more off an item!

Now here is my mini haul!
I bought a few items from Costa Blanca (80% off guys!!!), H&M and Garage (pre-teen store yes I know but if the clothes fit and have no logo then I wear!)

Item 1: Costa Blanca $4.99 (originally $19.50)

I bought this in a size medium because I wanted a big comfy sweater to wear! Its quite long so I could wear it as a dress with a belt to cinch around my waist~

Item 2: Costa Blanca $1.99 (originally $35.50)
For $2 this is quite a steal from the price it was before!! This is in an XS so don't mind the odd photo. The sweater fits like a glove except my shoulders are a bit wide but don'y worry theres nothing a pair of scissors can't fix!

Item 3: Costa Blanca $2.99 (originally $29.50)
I was too lazy to get a hanger but the skirt sits nicely on the window ledge so voila~ In a size two and it fits really well! (at first I thought it wouldn't fit because I'm pretty sure I'm a 4 or 5) The zipper on the skirt got stuck unfortunately when I tried it on at home so I had to hack it off with my seam rippers :c Another DIY for this one though! ZARA SKORT inspiration with my own variation coming up in the mean time!

Item 4: H&M $10 (originally $39.95)

This pretty knit dress is actually a maternity dress?!?!! I didn't know this till I tried it on at home and noticed a weird little bulge of fabric from my tummy area. Don't worry I am NOT pregnant! This dress is an XS so it fits me like a normal dress other than that tiny little bit or extra fabric (I will do a DIY with this hehe).

Item 5: Garage $5 (originally $29.90)

I was in need of a white blouse and I came across this! I saw one in Urban Planet for $10 (not on sale) and decided to wait for it until I came across this! The blouse was originally $29.90 though (┛Д)┛彡 ... I don't think it should be that expensive in the first place. It doesn't even look special like come on... whats going on with these boring pockets?! Time to make this blouse look faaaaaabulous~ How about some heart pockets since they cover the boob area? LOL

Alright thats my mini haul for you guys! 
Heres the breakdown. I spent $24.97 on 5 items. 
The 5 items if they were bought without the sale tag: $150.35!!!!!!!!!!!!
I saved a total of $125.38. Now that a fucking steal!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and good luck finding sales!


Livy ♡

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