Monday, August 26, 2013

Back To School Clothing Finds Under $25~

School School School.
It's time for back to school shopping!!
I have a list of  appropriate clothing to wear to school since I know most schools have dress codes. 
At my high school we had the 3 finger rule for straps on your top.

Since I'm in University now I don't think they care what you wear as long as your privates are covered!

I found a bunch of super cute clothes but I'm going to limit it down to my top 8~
This post is for the ladies so sorry for any gentlemen out there reading my blog! If you want me to post some dashingly handsome clothing finds for you guys let me know!

Most of these items are under $25 for all you broke students out there *cough cough*( like me ).

♥ $18 or 2 for $24 
I love the red floral print!


In love with this tank!!!

I love this print! This is a high-lo top so the back is longer so you can wear it with leggings! 
Or tuck it into your bottoms.

Chambray is definitely in style this year and it looks super cute!
You can pair it with anything from a tank top to a t-shirt and tights~

I'm pretty sure the standard dress code for schools allow girls to wear shorts and skirts that are no shorter than arms length when you hold your arms to your side... so hopefully these shorts aren't too short!

I have this in every neutral colour! Its perfect for layering and wearing under crochet tops to make it appropriate for school!

These skirts are super easy to style!
Pair it with a nice belt and tank top, you can make it super simple or super fancy with heels and nice accessories!

I love chiffon skirts! They're just so light and flowy and pretty~
Its perfect for school because its very casual and you can dress it up nicely with anything!

Have a fun and exciting first day of school guys!



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