Friday, August 2, 2013

Backpack Inspiration + WIP

Hello lovelies!

I'm making a small backpack from scratch and so far its turning out good! Its still a work in progress, I just need to add straps~

The drawstrings fold the sides of the bags nicely hehe~ 
The gold fixtures and the black leather give the bag a very chic look!

The other bag that caught my eye is Fleet Ilya's Harnessed Mini Rucksack.

 Don't you just love the colour scheme of this bag?! It's soooo cute~ 
and I just LOVE the back! 

Heres my bag so far:

I don't have grommets to put the drawstring in yet
 so this is what it looks like without the sides folded in.

Folded in sides.

Added this metal finding on top of the folds of the magnetic clasp

Inside of the bag~
Not so clean seeing that I made up the pattern myself.
Thread everywhere!!!!

What do you guys think? Still need to add the straps and grommets!

In other news I bought this pastel mint pleather ♡.
What do you guys think I should make with this?

I also bought a few clothes for $1 for future DIYs~!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you're interested in a DIY Backpack post let me know~

Stay Crafty~


Livy ♡

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