Monday, August 12, 2013

Cute iPhone Cases ♥

Hihihi cutie pies!

I recently got a new phone
(iPhone 4... definitely an upgrade from my old phone.... 3GS with missing buttons and it restarted by itself!) 
so I wanted to share some cute iPhone cases!

All these cases are from Ebay so they're all cheap, cute, and affordable (I put the prices in USD)~

If you want me to make a post on cases for your specific phone let me know!

I love this super duper cool case! 
The pastel colours make it cute hehe and if you buy more than one case you can mix and match the melting ice cream parts~ 

iPhone 4/4S

iPhone 5

I fricken love the cut outs on this case!! 
Its just sooooo adorable~

iPhone 4/4S

iPhone 5

Ok so I don't know the difference between the 4 and 4S 
other than the fact that the 4S has Siri so I'm pretty sure the 4S case can fit on the iPhone 4! If I'm wrong please correct me!

I absolutely love pastel colours so this definitely made the list! These cases are very simple so they're great for DIYs or you can leave them the way they are and admire the pretty colours!

iPhone 4S/5

I expected this case to have little pockets on the left flap when you open it because the description said wallet :c
Its just a folio case that covers the screen but its still very playful & cute~

iPhone 4/4S/5

This is one of my favourites  on the list!!
The wallet has many purposes; pockets for cards, a zippered pouch for change and a pocket for your phone! And theres even a wristlet you can use so you don't have to carry a purse around (great for clubbing)!

iPhone 4/4S/5

So adorable~!!!
I love the quilted style and the colours of these cases as well as the flower embellishment!
It makes the case look very classy but super cute~

Here is what the case looks like when you turn it into a stand!
The case is also available for the Samsung Galaxy hence why theres a samsung in the photos.

iPhone 4/4S/5

This is another one of my favourite cases! I just ordered the pink case hehe~
You can push the power button down with the right ear!!!!
Sooooo cute!!!!!

iPhone 5

I couldn't find the same pastel colours for the iPhone 5 but there are more colours to choose from!

I came across this case last minute and decided to add it to this post!
The imitation of a strawberry is just so cool and the
little stem dust plug makes it look even more adorable!

iPhone 4/5

Last and but not least an essential for every phone is a screen protector!

I've had a mirror screen protector on my 3GS for a long time and I love it!
It works really great as a mirror and also stops nosey people from reading whats on your screen.
I'd have to say the only downside of the mirror screen is that it's hard to see the screen when you're out in the sun. 

iPhone 4

iPhone 5

Hope you guy enjoyed this post and found it helpful!
Let me know which one is your favourite~
And if you don't have an iPhone and you want me to find cute cases for you then leave a comment!


    Livy ♡

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  1. Just posted about my new iPhone cases from Iconemesis, love and iPhone4 because there are so many choices for cases! I like that mirror screen