Saturday, August 3, 2013

Designer Shoes & Their Dupes ♡

Hello cuties~

I just wanted to share some dupes I found of some popular designer shoes!
This is for all you students out there that can't afford a $200 pair of shoes/boots~

Heres the first dupe on the list!
The first two flats at the top of the photo are Charlotte Olympia's Kitty Flats!
I absolutely love these flats seeing that I love kitties hehe~
They're about $738.59 CAD ($710.87 USD) though
 so you all know a broke student can't afford that!!!

I found many kitty flats similar to Charlotte Olympia's for under $20 on Ebay!
The face is different but just as cute as the originals!!
The cute heart nose hehe the only thing it's missing is the gold cap on the heel :c
On the bright side, FREE SHIPPING~!

~You can find them here~

These are about $160 USD but they come in different fabrics and patterns
 so the price can range up to $200 or so.
The one in the photo is the Distressed Black Leather style.

The dupe I found was also from Ebay for $30.
The colour and style looks spot on! 
Of course these are not made out of real leather, 
so thats a pro for any vegans looking for black litas!

~You can find the dupe here~

I've always been a fan of Doc Martens but they're so damn expensive!
But fortunately there are dupes hehe I found a pair by Spot On from Debenhams for less than $30.
The colours are close and the floral pattern is a little off but its not bad considering that its $30, way cheaper than $170!

~You can find the dupe here~

Transparent boots~
A new trend~ well sort of. Jelly shoes are coming back from the 80s-90s
The Dirty Laundry pair is about $60, not too bad but the dupe I found is under $30!

~You can find the dupe here~

Thats all the I could find on dupes~
Hope this helped anyone looking for cheaper versions of their favourite shoes!



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