Monday, August 5, 2013

DIY Chain Necklace ✿

Bonjour mes amis 

Hope you're all having a lovely day!

Today I want to show you how to make this chain necklace~


Heres what you need:

 Flat nose pliers and Bent chain nose pliers
Or 2 flat nose pliers if you don've have the chain nose one~

Lobster claw or clasp of your choice

4 split rings (or as many as you want)
I used 8mm gold split rings.

Chain of your choice! 
Make sure the clasp and split rings match the colour of your chain.
You can find most of these materials at your local craft store.
If you're in the Toronto area, check out Arton Beads. I bought my chain there for $3-5!


 Step 1
Measure your chain to find your desired length!
I wanted mine to sit on my collar bone, not too long but also not too short!
My chain ended up being 18" long.
Shorten the chain by opening the link with your pliers!

I used a double link chain (the bottom one) because I liked the look it had compared to the single link chain at the top. 
If you're using the double link chain like me, 
you can leave one link on each end in case your split ring is too small to hold both links!

 Step 2

Open a split ring and put your lobster claw through it.

Attach the split ring to one end of the chain like so!

Using your pliers, close the split ring and voila~! 

Step 3
Figure out how many split rings you want so you can alter the length of your necklace. 
I like to use 3 split rings but you're free to use only one if your chain is the perfect length.

Like step 2, just open the split ring and attach it to the opposite end of the chain!

Add another split ring to the first open split ring and join the open ends.

Repeat till you're happy with the length.


You should have both ends looking like this!

I made another necklace using a single link chain to show you how it would look. For this one I used only one split ring for each end.

Final looks~!

I love to wrap the chain around my arm twice before closing the clasp so I can wear it as a bracelet!
You can do this to any necklace you have~
You can also use old necklaces that are too small as bracelets and anklets!

Hope you enjoyed this post~!

Stay Crafty,


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  1. I love DIY Necklaces and this looks super easy. Thanks!