Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mini Haul #3 ❀

To the cute person reading this, I will no longer post on this blog anymore. KIDDING!
I am finally employed! Just for the next 18 days because I'm working for the Falafel Hut at the CNE!

(The CNE in Toronto is like a fair/carnival with lots of rides, games and food!)
I'm working full time so I will only have time to shower and sleep once I get home :c
 Anyways I will try to post something if I have time!

 Luckily I got a big of shopping done before I got hired hehe heres my mini haul! All clothing items I bought from Spoof (it's a little boutique like store on Queen St. in Toronto).

The zippers work but theres no pocket... 
they're just there for decoration but real pockets would be really useful!

The next 3 items are $5 but the lady there offered me 3 $5 items for $10 if I didn't try them on!
( I think this is because all the clothes are one size only and sometimes they fit oddly.)

This chiffon skirt reminds me of hula girls and their grass skirts for some reason.
I decided to pick out colours that I don't usually wear since my closet is full of neutrals!

 This dress has nice irregular cut layers and the fabric is stretchy and sparkly!
I'm pretty sure the fabric is similar to lycra.

This is one is my favourites!!!
Strawberry print pencil skirt!
I want to purchase to fabric somewhere but I have no clue where to find it. 
I would use that print for everything LOL
Too cute to resist!

 I also had a chance to go to the fabric store and pick up some zippers and nice fabric!
The floral print fabric on the left is very thin and shiny, I'm not sure what to do with that yet.
The champagne satin is going to be used as the lining for the clutch i found in my Goodwill haul and the piano key print will be used to make a circle skirt!

I suddenly wish I didn't have a job now so I can make a lot of stuff  
but hey! I'm getting paid so I can buy more pretty things hehe~

Sorry I won't be able to post as much till September.
Hope you're all having a lovely summer!!



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