Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Outfit Of The Day #3 ♥

Hello cuties~

How was your day?
I hung out with my boyfriend today and had a chance to take a few photos!
I also made some vanilla cupcakes with cotton candy buttercream and cake pops~

Mmmmmm so sweet!

We went out to the waterfront to take photos hehe~
If you don't live in Ontario, the waterfront area is right next to Lake Ontario!

The park also has very pretty flowers and trees .

Credits to my boo for getting a close up of this bumble bee!

The VIA and Go train pass by the waterfront every day.
All the passengers get a lovely view of the lake!
And so do I at 5am when I commute to school in Sept. ;_;

Alright heres my OOTD~

I tend to blink a lot when its really sunny out. My eyes are really sensitive!

Stole my boyfriend's hat hehehe~

Bralet - Sparkle and Fade 
$10 from Urban Outfitters

Skirt- Spoof
$10 from Spoof Boutique in Toronto

Wedges- Bamboo
Samples from my aunt... they broke a while after the first few photos!

Bag- YSL

Necklace- Guess

Bracelets- Swarvoski Beads and Pandora look alike

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!



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