Friday, August 30, 2013

Outfit Of The Day #5 ♥

 Hey cuties!
 Just want to update you guys about the modelling program I signed up with for Ambrosia!
Yesterday I went in for a free photoshoot and had an amazing time!
I got to pick out 2 outfits and pose. 
I had my makeup done and did my hair myself!!

hahaha had fun jumping! 

I'm pretty sure I had lipstick on my teeth for some of the photos but oh well~
Thank you Ambrosia and my new photographer friend for helping me out with this photoshoot!




  1. Olivia these pics are soooo amazing :D and professional! how did u sign u for this modelling project??

    1. Thanks Apoorva!! I was just walking on the mall and this store asked if I wanted to model for them c;