Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Shoe Haul!

Hey there cuties~

I went crazy with my pay cheque last week and spent so much D;

I bought these from Little Burgundy , they ordered it for me in store and had it shipped to my place for free hehe~ Black on black on black!
I was afraid they wouldn't fit when I got them but they fit just right.
$60 for these!

These are my favourite pair of heels!!! They were originally $100  at DuKati but were brought down to $20. I bought them for $15 with the 2 for $30 deal~
There are spikes and studs all around even the heel!

I bought these because they were on sale at Aldo for around $55 (originally $90) and looked so gorgeous!! I didn't want it to run out in my size so I bought it ASAP! They fit just right but damn they are so hard to walk in!

I bought this pair with the spikey heels for the 2 for $30 deal. Its not my favourite but its a nice casual heel! I have tons of Bamboo heels so these won't disappoint me!

Welp thats my little haul! I'm a shoe-aholic... and I can't deny it!

Hehe hope you guys enjoyed this post!
In the mean time I'm still waiting for photos from my photoshoot... 
so heres a photo that I took after the shoot!

Anyways I am also putting together a vlog! I'll put it up next week or so once I get more footage (my life is pretty boring).

I'll keep you guys posted!




  1. Seriously those are the cutest studded shoes EVER! I love them, too bad I would die walking in them.

    ~Read my blog :) http://dinosaurfashionrescues.weebly.com/~

  2. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa