Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cute Fall Finds ✿

Hello lovlies~
As you know it is Fall for most of us up North! 
Or Autumn as some of you like to say~
Don't you just love the colours of the leaves? (but hate how cold its starting to get?)
Hehe well here are some cute finds for the cold weather!

Circle Scarves!!
I bought one similar to this from Call it Spring for $20. I
 love how theres a different crochet part on half of the scarf!


Don't forget sweaters!



Beanies to keep your head toasty~

Ear warmers are also a great way to keep your head warm without messing up your hair!


Leggings to wear under skirts or just as they are~


Pleather jackets like this neon pink one are bold and edgy! You can also wear vests to layer up.



Hoodies of course are an essential for cold weather.


Knee high socks, thigh high socks and leg warmers are great too!

And of course fall boots!
I love military boots for fall and ankle boots as well...
I'm obsessed with these cut out ones!!

Sorry for the lack of posts but I hope you guys enjoyed this post~!


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  1. Ooh I love the beanie and those Topshop boots!