Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is coming up in less than one month!!
Have you started present shopping yet?
Here are some pretty cool gifts you could buy or get an idea of what you should buy for that special someone, family member, friend or for secret santa!

For the music lover!

I love this super cool dock! It looks like a book but its not! It's probably easy to carry around and you can probably prop it up on your bookshelf too!
Theres one for iPhone 4/4s and 5!
You can find this on 

I'm in LOVE with this turntable! I love how its in a floral print case so you can carry it around to the beach or to a party~
It also comes in many different styles and prints!
You can find this at
Urban Outfitters

This is super adorable~
Its a keychain...
wait for it...
Theres also a frog and a bird one.
You can find this on

For the Guitar Player!

This little punch set punches out guitar picks, how cool is that?!
This can also double as a gift maker ;)
You can find this at

For the Tea Lovers~
This adorable tea for two set is just too adorable!!!
You can find this on 

I love love love this tumbler! Its rose gold hehe you can fill this with your favourite tea, coffee or other hot drink~
You can find this at

For the Sweet Tooth

A gummy bear? Or a light?
It's both! Except its not edible sadly.
You can find this at
Urban Outfitters

For the Cute Chef/Baker~
Macarons on an apron?! Yes please!
You can find this on

I found this funny hehe the Dark Baker apron!
Also from 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
Feel free to comment about what you would like to see under your Christmas tree~

Happy holidays everyone!!!


Monday, November 18, 2013

Winter Coat Finds Under $200

Sorry I haven't been posting lately!
I've been super busy with school the past month :c

Anyways it started to snow here in Canada (it's still fall here!) so I thought I'd make a post on winter coats that can help you guys decide what kind of style or colour of your next winter coat!

I literally went into almost 10-15 stores looking for a perfect coat! 
Here are a few finds that I find are suitable for cold Canadian weather (or harsh cold weather).

This was the first coat I REALLY wanted although there is no hood. I absolutely love the colour and style of this coat~

This next coat is lined with faux fur! I absolutely love how the coat is lined because it will keep you super warm and cozy in the Winter. 

The toggles on this coat are super cute! 

I want to emphasize how much I love the buckle on the collar! It adds a nice touch to the coat.

Another coat with faux fur lining~
And an olive colour which is popular this year.

The subtle  bit of tartan looks great against the black coat and the simple toggle clasps. 

This is trench style coat looks more for Autumn than Winter although if you wear a wool sweater I'm pretty sure you will feel hot!
Burgundy is my favourite colour this season as you can see~

I love the style of this coat because its edgy and its cropped.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
 If you have any other favourite coats you've found or bought let me know~