Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nasty Gal Review

Hello lovlies~!

I've purchased from Nasty Gal before and I ordered something recently so I thought I'd share my thoughts with you guys. 

From my first purchase I ordered a top in size Small but then I realized that it was a bit too big for me so the sizes are NOT true to size. Order a size down!

This time I ordered two XS crop tops from Nasty Gal's sale~

This first one is a contrast top. I found it really hard to get into this one because the white section is not stretchy enough. I sort of have to squeeze myself into it... my shoulders were JUST able to fit through the top. 

I think the top is sold out now because I can't seem to find it online anymore (either that or I'm blind). Bought this one for $15.

 This next top is a one shoulder crop. Its super tiny and I would pair it with a high waisted skirt. I was too lazy to change out of my jeans for this photo so don't mind my belly~
ALSO you might want to use double sided tape because the top likes to shift off of your bra since its so tiny. 

This top was $5! and you can find it here.

Overall I quite like Nasty Gal for their sale items. The sale prices are really reasonable and good considering that most of the sale items are 20-60%off. 

The shipping to Canada was also reasonable. It took only 2 weeks for my order to arrive!

My rating for Nasty Gal: /
[4/5 stars]

I docked one star because the first top was hard to get into considering that the bottom of the top was NOT stretchy. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
What do you guys think of Nasty Gal? 
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