Monday, May 5, 2014

Stylish Surprise ❤︎ Mini Modcloth Haul

Hey guys sorry I haven't posted in a while!
I've been battling school and work for the past couple of months but I'm free for a week before I go back to school!

Anyways Modcloth had a Stylish Surprise thing going on last month or the month before~
You had the option to choose an apparel item or pair of shoes for the price of $10 and the original price of the item is $20-500.
The only catch is that you don't know what the item will be but I think it was well worth it for $10.

I chose one apparel item and one pair of shoes (I wish i picked more!)

I always love the super cute design on the boxes!!! 

Heres the apparel item I got!
A really nice Spring/Fall jacket~

Brand: Jack
Original Price: $60-70

I got it in XS and it fits nicely!
 It also has a soft cotton grey hood that you can detach with snaps (which I took off).
The pleather on the jacket is really nice and feels soft. I love this item, its such a steal for $10!!

 Next up are the shoes I got.
I ended up getting a really cute pair of black ankle strap wedges~


Brand: DbDk Fashion
Cost: $25-50
 (I couldn't find the exact pair of wedges so I put the average cost for most of the brand's shoes)

I bought these in size 5.5 and they fit nicely as well! The wedges also have a nice soft cushioning on the inside which makes it very comfortable~

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
If you guys haven't ordered from Modcloth before you should give it a try. They're reliable and their items don't take too long to deliver. The products are also great quality!

#shamelessselfie of the night hehe

Crop Top: Urban Planet ($10)
Skirt: American Apparel ($1 from defect bin... nothing wrong with it!)
Necklace: Swarvoski (gift)



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